Hello. These are some good support-document for your coursework on Management of Hotel Services. You must read them at least once for the  final test.

  1. Gestiune_Hoteliera_Curs_I
  2. SUPORT CURS receptioner ATPro

In the classroom, we will work on

  1. Wine tasting techniques – Eyes, Nose, Mouth. Please make a synthesis, as it is very useful for skills in Food & Beverage Department
  2. Definition of Accommodation structures at National Statistics Institute – Tempo Online data base – Tourism (please make an account first)
  3.  (optional, in English) Hotel services book hotels1
  4. Hotel Rating / Clasificarea pe stele. Task / Exercițiu – Identify differences in criteria  by comparing 3 stars and 4 stars Hotels. (write them down) a. Mandatory criteria for rating hotels / appartm / motels  turism_legislatie_anexa_1  b. Service list turism_legislatie_anexa_1_1_1-1    c. Supplementary criteria for rating turism_legislatie_anexa_1_1-1
  5. Types of hotel Rooms – please make a list of the top 7 most known.
  6. Observe types of rooms at Hotel Majestic Iasi ..
  7. Ramada videos A

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