OSH / Organisation of Hotel Services

5 04 2017


Dear Students,

This semester we will work on the following Textbook:


We will work the following tasks in the classroom.

There will a FINAL ONLINE TEST on MAY 23rd at 20:00h, EET, from home! (5p) until 22:00.

You will find the 2 PROJECTS at the bottom of the page. (4p together)

The CALL (prezența) will count for 10%. (1p)



a. Analysis of TABLE OF CONTENTS: concepts and structure (Page „iv”). Which concepts are new / difficult to understand?

b. Analyze the concept of HOSPITALITY and draw a scheme of the possible meanings (Page 1).

c. Please go to page 2, Activity 1.  Make the same table for two sectors: Accommodation and Food and Beverage. Replace in the table „Example” with „Type” and give 3 examples for each type in IAȘI or your Home town.

Discussion on Activity 2 about the above examples.

d. Read Page 3, Chapter 1.1.2 and draw a scheme.

e. Do the activity on Page 4. Starting with the first students situated by the door, each student in the class will be alternatively TOURIST A and Tourist B (neighbour students will not have the same case study.

f. Please comment diagram on page 5.

HOTEL in Gatineau, QC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJowoUFqQ7A

g. (Page 7) Please write down the list of criteria to classify hotels. Comment on which criteria you think it is more important (for what, to whom, why?).

h. Please propose 1-2 criteria to group all types of accommodation used by travelers and companies (page 8-9-10).

i. (HOME WORK) – please find an example in ROMANIA (or Poland, Ukraine, Uzbekistan or World) for each of the types above.

j. Chapter Hotel Operations / Page 12. Please read and do Activity 8 (page 14).

k. Functions and Departments in a Hotel, page 15. Please observe Major Departments in a 5-star hotel. How would you restructure this to only 4 Departments if your hotel is only 3 stars and under 50 rooms?

l. Please read the functions of a hotel (Page 16) and do activity 10. We will watch together one of them and comment about „what stands out in that particular hotel”?.

m. Please read Pages 17-18. Explain the concept of GUEST CYCLE  and do activity 11 on page 20.

n. Please READ and TAKE NOTES of the FRONT OFFICE DEPARTMENT sections and duties (sub-departamente și poziții/roluri), pages 22-34

 o.Page 31 – Role Play – to be done orally in class, by pairs. Each must suggest a new question to his/her colleague.

p. Page 36 – Type of Guests. Please write down this list and mention 1-2 characteristics / needs / problems of each type of Guest.

q.Top COMMON Complains https://www.clock-work.co.uk/blog/general/most-common-hotel-complaints-top-10

Dealing with COMPLAINS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baCQpnxZxQQ

MAP READING and EXPLAINING – Exercises on how to propose directions from A to B. (Every Front Office clerk should have this skill. 1. Draw schemes to arrive from A to B. 2. Explain in words how to arrive (street level and name, left-right, use of landmarks, keywords).

r. How to answer negative reviews https://www.revinate.com/blog/2014/09/how-to-respond-to-negative-hotel-reviews/

s. (page 38-39) Let us discuss Types of rates and Types of Rooms/Beds . Which type of room correspond to which type of guest?

t. Page 40. Do activity 15 in class.

u. Statistical Work on Accommodation. Please go to page INSSE.ro / Tempo Online .  Make new account to access data. Follow instructions during class.

STATISTICAL WORK FOR THE PROJECT – please download data below on IASI HOTEL. We will work in class parts of the project so you can easily do it at home.

v. Pages 41-48 Housekeeping (Page 41 – Activities 16 and 17).

x. Pages 49-54 In-Room Facilities and Amenities.  / Guest requests

y.  Front Office Duties https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ts1W9Issjc



(1.0 points max) THE CALL/ Presence to the meetings – „Prezența”.

(5.0 points max). THE TEST. You will pas AGAIN the test as the previous one was a disaster 🙂 The next test will be  on WED 23rd at 20:00h EET (everyone will pass the test from home!) Questions will be from page 1 to 54 !. You will have 2 hours to solve the test and SEND / SUBMIT. At 22:00 I will close the test.

(2.5 points max) PROJECT 1. Please download, print and apply the following project in a Hotel (anywhere!)   Secret Shopper_form ENGLISH – ok Then you will fill in your answers to this ONLINE FORM before MAY 30th, 23:59h !! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSecCBqGprlULN-OWCbUMrigNn6htlEfX31m24omACLAjqx_Rg/viewform

(1.5 points max.) PROJECT 2. Statistical work in Hospitality sector. Please consult this „IASI HOTEL” data on OVERNIGHTS (night stays / înnoptări) for 2013 by month:  DATA HERE – OVERNIGHTS IASI HOTEL

Clue in EXCEL DOC:

line 318 / „TOTAL” = number of people checked in each day.

line 321 „TOTAL ROOM” = number of occupied rooms for each day.

This hotel is located in center Iasi and has 76 rooms and a maximum capacity of 120 places/people per night (many rooms are designed as single, some as double). You will write a Hotel Overnights Report of min. 15 lines, which answer the following questions:

  • top 10 guest origin / nationality spending nights in this Iasi Hotel during the whole year, with yearly overnights numbers for each country.
  • seasonality of overnights in this hotel during the year (which are the overnights  peaks? which are the lowest months of presences in the hotel?)
  • how do you interpret the evolution of occupancy by month in 2013? A. Occupancy by rooms B. Occupancy by the maximum people capacity.
  • which days of the week are the busiest during summer months? (JULY-AUGUST)? What about the spring months? (APRIL-JUNE)
  • what is the % of Romanian overnights each month? Which months of the year have the biggest number of Romanians in percentage? During the month of MAY,  which days of the week are preferred by foreigners (the highest %) ?
  • other observations

The project 2 is optional, only  for those who want a higher mark. Your 15 lines of report must be inserted here before MAY 30th, 23:59h. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdMoaVgRCu0PINlh-l_cdjU7LdOcPMaSSx4nQmZXbYb9yqAcw/viewform







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